What is artificial intelligence!! How to use artificial intelligence (AI) in the future and the 2045 problem!! future of artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence. How to use artificial intelligence (AI) in the future and the 2045 problem
Future of artificial intelligence. AI future of work. Artificial intelligence and the future of work

"Man-made brainpower (artificial intelligence)" is a PC framework that has human insight like getting the hang of, thinking, acknowledgment, and judgmentOrdinary computers simply operate according to a given program, but computers with artificial intelligence can select appropriate and flexible responses according to the opponent and situation based on patterns accumulated as data. I can.

In May 1997, IBM's supercomputer Deep Blue scored a historic victory over then world chess champion Garry Kasparov.By having the PC remember however many joseki as could be expected under the circumstances and anticipate designs as per the circumstance, I had the option to constantly take the best action.

In any case, there is a major contrast between human knowledge and man-made reasoning. Humans can learn from experience, saying, ``I lost the last match, so let's try a new approach next time,'' but computers need new programs.

Research on self-learning computers continues, but it seems that computers with the same level of learning ability as humans have not yet appeared .

Table of contents

  1.  How to use artificial intelligence
  2. Problems with artificial intelligence
  3. How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Learns
  4. Conclusion

 How to use artificial intelligence

Suppose a convenience store has many customers who buy rice balls and buy tea. A careful clerk will notice that rice balls and tea are purchased at the same time and think, "Let's put the tea next to the rice balls."
Nonetheless, assuming the quantity of items in the store increments, is it conceivable to view mixes that are probable as bought simultaneously by human power alone?

However long the quantity of items is little, it is moderately simple for people to actually take a look at the deals of items, yet when the quantity of items arrives at many thousands or millions, it is hard to get  a handle on.

How to use AI
The historical backdrop of item buys at corner shops is recorded as information on a PC. By utilizing man-made brainpower, it is feasible to examine data acquired from shopping circumstances and recognize items that are much of the time bought in mix, the season when deals increment, the hour of day, and the socioeconomic of buyers.

Man-made consciousness can possibly achieve significant changes in the economy overwhelmingly of information "large information" that can't be handled by the human cerebrum.

Problems with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is expected to develop more and more in the future, but there are also concerns such as the year 2045 problem and ethical problems.

1- The 2045 Problem

The 2045 problem is a prediction that artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence in 2045 . It is based on the principle that the integration density of integrated circuits doubles every two years, as advocated by Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel, in 1965.

As the thickness of coordinated circuits builds, the exhibition of PCs likewise improves, so it is expressed that in 2045, PC computerized reasoning will come to a "specialized peculiarity" that surpasses human knowledge. At the point when computerized reasoning outperforms human knowledge, we are worried about the effect it will have on our lives and organizations.

2- Ethical Issues

Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov lists "safety to humans, obedience to orders, and self-defense" as the three principles of robots.

When a robot with artificial intelligence is given an order to harm humans, which robot should choose between ``safety to humans'' and ``obedience to orders'' when trying to follow the three principles of robots? I am in a dilemma . There is also the ethical question of whether a robot that has made a mistake will be held responsible .

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Learns

In order to understand what can be done with artificial intelligence and how to proceed with development, I recommend studying programming first. This is on the grounds that the foundation of computerized reasoning is modifying, and on that base a framework is implicit which machines naturally pick up utilizing different calculations.

Here, I might want to acquaint three different ways with get the hang of programming: how to advance without anyone else, how to learn at school, and how to learn in preparing.

How to self study

The benefit of picking up programming all alone is that you are allowed to learn at your own speed. You can secure fundamental information by utilizing monetarily accessible reference books and data on the web, yet how is that information and innovation really utilized and applied practically speaking?

How to learn at school

Specialized schools are places where you can learn how to use programming knowledge and technology in a practical way. If you can learn practical know-how, you can acquire the immediate fighting power that many companies are currently seeking. From this point of view, I recommend Internet Academy. Internet Academy is based on production companies that are responsible for web production and system development such as the University of Tokyo, iPS Cell Research Institute (CiRA) of Kyoto University, Japan Meteorological Agency, Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), etc., and is used in the field. Programming know-how is returned to the curriculum. Students can acquire applied skills to be active as immediate fighting potential while receiving direct guidance from specialist instructors.

How to learn in company training

In recent years, an increasing number of companies are adopting training as a method of educating employees so that it does not interfere with their regular work. If an employee learns programming by himself, it may not lead to an improvement in the overall level of the company, but this kind of training allows employees to learn an appropriate level of specialized knowledge that matches the field, so it is a company-wide skill.It is not difficult to prompt the improvement of Thusly, directing preparation that addresses the issues of each company is significant. It is compelling to demand preparing from an IT instructive organization that can carry out preparing with a unique educational plan and timetable as indicated by such requirements. For instance, at the Web Foundation, we will make a unique educational program that addresses the issues of your organization, and even timetable preparation. Why not exploit Web Foundation's corporate preparation to further develop programming abilities all through your organization?


There are something else and more chances to see humanoid robots furnished with man-made brainpower in the city and in the news. While propels in man-made brainpower are supposed to make our lives more prosperous, worries about new advances have not yet been dissipated. Later on, it will be important to additionally examine how to utilize man-made brainpower and the conjunction of people and robots, and learning the fundamental information on computerized reasoning and the calculations that move robots for that discussion would be great.

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